Helis Yapı A.Ş. | Group Companies
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Group Companies

Projebeyaz International Real Estate

Projebeyaz, which was launch in 2006, with its young and dynamic structure , made ‘innovation’ the most basic principle of the company. It changed the old real estate consultancy concept completely and added new products and services, also made a name for itself as ‘the company that adds color to the sector’.

For more information; www.projebeyaz.com

Beyaz Creative

Beyaz creative offers to a number of companies in different industries a 360° advertising agency services.

For more detailed information; www.beyazcreative.com

Pro Mng

Promng; with over 10 years of experience in the sector, it provide a customer-focused services, offering options suited to every need of our foreign guests , with it’s Professional team . It continues to maket he partenership with the leaders of the real estate and construction companies.

For more detailed information; www.promng.com