Helis Yapı A.Ş. was founded in 2009 by partners who have achieved great success in the real estate sector by taking the decision to build value-added project under their own construction company name in Istanbul against the notion of being completely distant from innovation in the construction sector. It continues its activities successfully in many provinces of Turkey, especially construction production.

With its local and global solution partners and professional team, Helis Yapı A.Ş. has focused on high standard turnkey projects, industrial structures, projects and contracting activities that are working to develop projects, in many countries of the world. It exhibits an exemplary performance in the industry in terms of durability, quality, aesthetics and speed.

The concept of quality for Helis Yapı A.Ş. is a solid and filled phenomenon. The first importance in terms of total quality for Helis Yapı A.Ş. is the organizational structure and all its manufacturing.

Before starting a project, Helis Yapı A.Ş. performs fine mathematical calculations to analyze the region to the finest detail. In this context, it saw the lack of an office project in Kartal and in 2010 Helis Beyaz Office was builded.

Helis Yapı A.Ş., expand abroad in 2011 with the participation of Construction Fair held in Erbil, Iraq.

Having completed the Beyaz Office project in 2012, Helis Yapı A.Ş., as it has been anticipated, succeeded in giving the investor the opportunity to increase the square meter prices with the urban transformation every day.

Helis Yapı A.Ş. has taken customer satisfaction with the slogan of quality and trust in its sector as the first target by taking the technology and human power that the age demands. The most important evidence of this is the likelihood and thank-you letters of the end of the business from the solution partners and customers who are at the forefront of the issues that Helis Yapı cares about most.

Helis Yapı A.Ş., which continues its office projects on E-5 in Kartal, completed its Metro Office project in 2015. Metro Office, which meets the needs of the business world with its equipment, succeeded to be a structure that draws attention to the region with its unique original architecture.

Having gained experience in the sector and sustained success with Helis More project, Helis Yapı A.Ş., with its new generation hybrid project, which started in 2016, attracted great attention and succeeded in selling 85 percent of its sales before the completion of the project. Helis More, located in the vertical architecture of all equipments in the first horizontal concept in the region, attracted the attention of domestic and foreign investors with the spectacular view of the Islands.

Helis Metro Home, which started in Baghdad Street, the most decent neighborhood of Istanbul in the process of urban transformation in 2017, has a concept designed according to the needs of the people in the region and adds value to the region with its location and equipment.

Helis Yapı started the Helis Metro Home project in 2017, on Bağdat Street the most popular and upright district of Istanbul, within the process of urban transformation and completed it in 2018, as promised to the apartment owners.

Currently, Helis Yapı ’s new target is to create the difference in Turkey’s popular holiday region Bodrum by starting its new project Helis Bodrum Evleri.