Who We Are?

Helis Yapı A.Ş. has made itself known with architecture in the construction sector where standard lines exist. Having projects that guarantee profitability to its investors with its own financial methods, Helis Yapı always produce projects that make life easier, convenient and feel special to its customers, taking into account the experience and use of its customers.

Helis Yapı A.Ş. gives direction to the future with the projects implemented in the region. Helps Yapı, which adds value to the city with its aesthetic architecture, aims to produce works that can be used in the most efficient way of investor’s time.

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Helis Yapı A.Ş. was founded in 2009 by partners who have achieved great success in the real estate sector by taking the decision to build value-added project under their own construction company name in Istanbul against the notion of being completely distant from innovation in the construction sector. It continues its activities successfully in many provinces of Turkey, especially construction production.

With its local and global solution partners and professional team, Helis Yapı A.Ş. has focused on high standard turnkey projects, industrial structures, projects and contracting activities that are working to develop projects, in many countries of the world. It exhibits an exemplary performance in the industry in terms of durability, quality, aesthetics and speed.

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A brand new life begins in

The House Residence – Helis Bodrum

Adabükü is the most beautiful bay of the Bosphorus. Helis Bodrum Villas, built on a 72.000 sqm land in this bay, it is a unique project where you can watch the magnificent sunset from the terrace of each villa with the site’s location positioned in a way that oversees the Aegean Sea.