Practical Solutions to Dark Spaces in Your Home

It is scientifically proven that daylight affects a person’s mood, and it is known to affect energy levels and even appetite. While we feel happy on these floating sunny days, we can become more pessimistic in cloudy and dark weather. This can affect us even inside our homes. Even on a sunny day, if our house does not receive enough sunlight, it becomes very difficult for us to feel this energy.

If the windows of your house are not big enough or if your house does not receive enough daylight due to the buildings around you, you can get a brighter living space by making some arrangements. Here are a few tricks for you:

Get Assistance from Mirrors

Mirrors will be your greatest assistant in reflecting the light coming from outside. In rooms that do not receive enough light, you can place a large full-length mirror in front of or next to the glass, reflecting the light from outside, so that your room becomes more illuminated.

Use Different Types of Lighting

Instead of using just a ceiling chandelier in your room, you can use it together with lighting types such as sconces, spotlights, and floor lamps. You can achieve a natural light distribution by placing the lamps toward the furniture and the wall.,

Prefer Light Colors in Decoration

Light colors such as white, cream, and ivory make your rooms appear more spacious and bright. Therefore, you will see the benefit when you replace your dark floor coverings, furniture, carpets, curtains, and wall paints with light colors. You can also install glass and white colored doors in your rooms to receive the light from outside.

Take Advantage of Minimalism

You can get rid of the shadows by taking care to have as few items as possible in the area you want to illuminate. Instead of full-length bookcases and showcases, you can use storage solutions such as cabinets or shelves near the ceiling.

Stay Away From Patterned Items

Patterned and textured materials will make your living space appear smaller and darker. For this reason, you can pay attention to the fact that home textile products such as curtains and throw pillows in your room are in light tones and without patterns.