Cities That Have Risen from Ruins

From the past to the present, whether they’ve been leveled by wars, earthquakes, fires, or floods, some cities around the world were almost completely destroyed and rebuilt in order to survive, and redraw a new landscape, to make it stronger and greater than it was before.




Berlin, one of the most populated cities in Europe with a population of 3.4 million, faced big destruction during the Second World War. The tumultuous history of the German capital has never discouraged architects and urban planners…Since the war ended Berlin has undergone many renovations, with many of the looted areas completely removed and rebuilt.




London, one of the most attractive cities in the modern world, suffered great destruction during the World Wars and the famous Great Fire of 1966 that demolished every standing building.




80% of this city was devastated in World War II, to make its rebuilding an outstanding example, as it has been one of the most remarkable and rapid renewal efforts.




The city was struck by an unexpected fire in 1871 that devastated Chicago’s entire business district. But the city has once again become a major economic and business center and became also home to the world’s first skyscraper.



Even after the world’s worst nuclear explosion, Hiroshima kept going through a series of renovations and turned into a flourishing city with few memories symbolizing the horrors of the past.