Hygiene Measures and Applications

in Our Sales Offices

As Helis Yapı Inc. and during the current Covid-19 epidemic, which affects the whole world, we continue our activities in our sales offices by taking the most effective measures.

You can examine the measures we have taken in our offices in order to provide the best and safest services to our customers and to work with our employees in a healthy environment.

Our Customer and Personnel Health Measures

The health of our employees and customers has always been important to us. During the pandemic period, we take effective measures to provide a healthy and reliable environment for our employees and customers.

By providing our staff with informative training about the outbreak, we supply the necessary equipment such as masks, gloves, and plexiglass protective barriers and visors.

We take care of our social distance at least 1 meter as advised by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health.

All our elevators have a 3-person limit. Pay attention to the social distance application for the elevator.

Our Cleaning and Disinfection Precautions

We are aware that cleaning and disinfection are very important in combating Covid-19. We continue to effectively apply our regular cleaning and disinfection practices, which we are currently applying, within the measures. We make a routine disinfection plan for our sales offices and common areas.

We regularly disinfect all surfaces that are in contact with hands.

We have placed special buckets for gloves and mask waste.

We have placed disinfectants in the entrances and WC corridors for personal hygiene.

For healthier and more qualified ambient air, our ventilation system is regularly maintained and using 100% fresh air.