The Use of 2020 Pantone Color Classic Blue in Decoration

2020 Pantone color is chosen as classic blue! Tips on how you can use the classic blue, which we will often see this year, in your living space are included in this article.

Blue Color Selection on the Walls

You can apply the classic blue, which has a calming effect, to add a refreshing, concentration increasing or stimulating effect to your living spaces. Wallpapers that offer animated designs can add an energetic atmosphere to your home.

Plush Pillows

You can use the classic blue color in the plush pillow, which is indispensable in living rooms. These pillows, especially for those who have a seating group in pastel tones, will easily adapt to your living conditions, and will allow you to use the trend color of 2020 in your living room with little touches.

Decorative Objects

Small details change the general atmosphere of your home. You can use the trend color of 2020 in your home decoration with decorative objects or candles. You can bring the color of the year to your house with the objects you will use in your decoration with small budgets.


If you want to use the color of the year on your carpets, indigo carpets will be the right choice. Indigo carpets will add a more energetic and friendly atmosphere to the environment. Thus, the decoration of your home will keep up with fashion.

Chair Selection

If you want to rearrange your living room, you can use the trend color blue of 2020 in choosing the sofa set. You can also choose orange or yellow in your choice of bergère or throw pillow.

Try Blue at Your Backdrop Curtain Selection

If it’s time to change your background curtains that you can use in living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, your choice may be classic blue. Classic blue curtains that you can use in harmony with all decoration can change the atmosphere of your home.

Blue and Shades in Ceramic Selection

It’s time for ethnic patterned ceramics! You can renew your bathroom or kitchen walls with ceramics that contain blue tones, and you can place ceramics on the floor of any room of your house if you wish.