Carry Out the Orange Energy into Your Home or Office!

Known for creating cheerful air, orange has the effect of instantly increasing the energy of each area where it is used. You can add movement to your living spaces by adding the orange colour which can acclimate with every decoration.

Orange adds confidence, happiness and joy, brings warmth to the areas where it is used with its strong energy. This warm colour, which disturbs the gloom of dark winter months, is also regarded as the source of positive energy. Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, and according to the usage it has the ability to add movement to the place with small details or become the focal detail of the decoration.

Orange can be used easily in any style of home and office decoration. You can balance it with colours like blue, brown tones, turquoise, grey, green, black, cream, beige and white.

You can prefer this colour in your couches or armchairs, to ensures a vivid atmosphere when used in moderation; and balance it using light coloured walls, curtains, carpets and accessories.