Rising Potential of the Aegean: URLA

Urla, known as the address of peace in the Aegean region, is among the most peaceful and beautiful holiday resorts of İzmir with its lush green nature, serene air, virgin bays and charming villages. With its unique food culture, adorable architectural structure, clean beaches and historical structure, it has become the address of both those who want to have a weekend getaway and those who want to spend their summer holidays.

Urla, which is an old port city with its history dating back to ancient times, can live in four seasons with its mild climate. As a result of its location across Karaburun and Foça spans from İzmir Bay, it is a continuous work. In this way, you will not be overwhelmed in the summer.

Urla, 35 km away from Izmir, is only 55 km away from Cesme, the most popular holiday destination in the Aegean. Domestic and foreign tourists flock to the Aegean during the summer months, the demand in the real estate sector, especially in Çeşme and the surrounding area is shifting towards these regions. While the demand for summer houses in Çeşme, which has been the highest premium in the last year, has increased significantly, it is affected by the increasing demand in Urla.

In addition to its natural beauty, Urla is experiencing a serious demand for land due to its proximity to Çeşme and İzmir. Seeing the high potential of Urla, Helis Construction is preparing to realize its summer project in this region.