The Architectural Style of Our Dreams: Tudor Architecture

Tudor Architecture, named after the English Tudor Dynasty and emerged between 1485-1603; It is an architectural trend that is still preferred in certain parts of the world today. Tudor Architecture was found interesting by the British and emerged and adopted just after the Renaissance Architecture and the Late Gothic Period.

Tudor Architecture, which appears in the fairy tale books we read and the cartoons we watched when we were children, and most of all in medieval England period films shot today; It was inspired and designed to provide the necessary protection from cold climatic conditions. North America is especially seen among the most suitable places for Tudor Architecture.

Tudor Architecture, which reflect the magnificent harmony of stone and wood, mostly applied in the interior architecture today, It was frequently preferred in America, especially from the 19th century to the Second World War. In addition, many old buildings were rebuilt during the Tudor period, new additions were made to the buildings and  redecorated in a different style and ornaments.

Steeply pitched roof, decorative chimneys covered with bricks, ornate entrance doors, wood and stone cladding, are among the features that give a fairy-tale look to Tudor architecture.