World’s Oldest Architectural Buildings

Would you like to meet the oldest architectural structures in the world that give important clues about human history? Here are some unique architectural structures that were built long before Christ and survived to the present day:

Göbeklitepe: M.Ö. 9600-7300

One of the oldest buildings in the history of the world is in Turkey, it is 22 km from Şanlıurfa. Göbeklitepe, whose history dates back to 12 thousand years ago, was also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Barnenez: BC. 4850

Located in Plouezoc, France, Barnenez is a building consisting of 11 funeral chambers. You can add Barnenez, one of the Europe’s oldest megalithic structures consisting of huge interlocking stones, to your list of must-see places.

Monte d’Accoddi: BC. 4000-3650

Located on the Italian island of Sardinia, Monte d’Accoddi is a Neolithic Age temple. Because it is a pyramidal temple, it is compared with ziggurats in Mesopotamia, that is, temples in an elevated area.

Gganjita Temple 3700 BC

The legendary temple Gganjita in Malta is also a megalithic structure. Gganjita means the giant’s tower. According to ancient belief, this temple was built by a female giant. Gganjita Temple is open to visitors as a museum.

Knap of Howar: 3700 BC

Knap of Howar has an important role among architectural works in the world, as it is the oldest stone house in Northern Europe. Located in Scotland, this building consists of two interconnected parts, a home and a farm.

West Kennet Long Barrow: BC. 3650

Located in England, West Kennet Long Barrow is a stone tomb that has been used for nearly 1000 years. A magnificent view can be watched when someone climbs on top of the accessible building.

Pentre Ifan: BC. 3500

Pentre Ifan is a tomb built in the Neolithic Period. The striking feature of this tomb in England is that the giant stones stand still in a balanced way.

Newgrange: BC. 3200-2900

Another architectural structure included in the UNESCO World Heritage List is Newgrange in Ireland. Built 3 thousand years ago, Newgrange is considered to be used both as a cemetery and for religious rituals.

Skara Brae: BC. 3180

Located in Scotland, Skara Brae is a very well-preserved settlement from the period before Christ. We recommend that you visit Skara Brae to see the house structures of people from the Neolithic Period.

Zoser Pyramid: 2667-2648 BC

This ancient architectural structure, also known as the stepped pyramid due to its shape, is the first pyramid built in Egypt. Inside the Zoser Pyramid, which is about 63 meters high, there are temples and burial chambers.